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Ijala is our multiplayer strategy game based on African Charters, Icons and historic events, where maps would be cities in Africa; players can compete against each other and stake money/crypto or play for free.

All characters and items are represented as NFTs and are tradable beyond the platform. Select from various African countries and tribes, fortify your empire, and emerge triumphant in epic battles against both friends and foes.

tradable characters

Tradable and playable NFT characters,
weapons and add-ons built on the Solana Chain

our token

TIQ Token ($TIQ)

Our token can be used for purchasing in-game items, unlocking special content such as perks and avatars the token can be obtained earned through gameplay, purchased with real money or through a DEX.


Is TrIQ a gambling game?

TrIQ is not a tool for gambling. It is a site that enables users to participate in competitions based on skills.

What technology is your game website built on ?

Our game uses the blockchain to make it fair and secure. You can compete with others and win cryptocurrency.

What kind of game is TrIQ ?

TrIQ is an innovative strategy game inspired by the diverse culture of Africa. It offers unique and engaging gameplay that transports players to the heart of Africa, where they navigate through different terrains and encounter a variety of people. With intricate gameplay mechanics and various challenges to overcome, TrIQ is perfect for seasoned or new gamers. 

How do I earn cryptocurrency from playing ?

“It’s as simple as staking $TIQ, finding a competitor, competing, beating your opponent, and taking all the spoils of your battle.”

How do I withdraw my earnings from TrIQ ?

We have a built-in crypto wallet on our platform where all your earnings will be paid. You can also connect your decentralized wallet and receive payment directly.

Additionally, we are working on a feature that will automatically convert your crypto holdings into fiat or stable coins.

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